less than truckload (ltl)

Boxes, pallets, crates....we've got it covered

Whether you are a veteran at LTL or a first time shipper, you will appreciate the professionalism & level of detail Ampersand Transport brings to your LTL needs.  Less experienced shippers don’t understand the militaristic attention to process required to avoid penalties that can easily double or triple your expected shipping costs.  

Our Transportation Specialists stay on top of the details to ensure the pick up location has your shipment properly prepared & ready on the specified date & time for pick up to avoid;

  • Overweight fees
  • Over specified dimensions fees
  • Detention fees for waiting 
  • Improper load preparation fees
  • Dry run fees
These fees can be many times more expensive than the shipment itself.  Imagine you were expecting to pay $250 to ship a pallet to a client & because of some minor mistakes (weight and dimensions off by 5%) the penalties bring the total to $700 (real numbers!!  This happens), who is going to cover that loss?  Not your client, but you.  We can help you avoid this nightmare.      

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