heavy haul & oversize

Ampersand Transport can move even the largest loads down the street, or across the globe

Heavy Haul & Oversized Transport is where experience saves you the most.  The most money, most time & most headaches.  Experience counts!

  • Knowing your equipment & how to reduce height, width & weight.
  • Coordinating the right providers at the pick up & drop off location to handle disassembly, reassembling & rigging.
  • Getting the right equipment & driver for transport.
  • Communicating with pick up & drop off location to coordinate & verify every aspect of these processes.
  • Facilitating all permits, escorts & customs where necessary.

This expertise can reduce your costs by 100 or even 200% & ensure a timely delivery which could save you FAR more.

Ampersand Transport is here to prove to you the difference in working with a true Heavy Haul & Oversize Transport expert.

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